The painted gnome

Illustrated book

Ulmo is a gnome with too much free time who plays at being a great artist with the help of his faithful friend, the hedgehog Ficus. Unfortunately for him being a painter is not as simple as he thinks, despite his efforts and the inspiring beauty of a quiet wood.

An amusing and stimulating story, beautifully illustrated, which fits perfectly into teen and young adult fantasy literature, but with great originality.

“But what is a gnome? It is not clear to me. I can say, however, that this one is known among his people by the name of Ulmo. He has a thick red beard covering his rounded cheeks. Gray eyes are surrounded by deep wrinkles, but the rest of the skin is very smooth like that of children when they laugh heartily. He is as tall as a small squirrel and wears sturdy forest-coloured clothes so that he cannot be seen when he doesn’t want to. Anyway he has arms and legs, as I believe you have too, reader.”

The paper edition also contains fun illustrations to colour in!

The book is available on Amazon. If you have a Kindle Reader or the Amazon Kindle app for Android, you can download the e-book also available for Kindle Unlimited.

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Ulmo and Ficus the hedgehog, his inseparable friend. Illustration by Alessandro Buffa